Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

I don't know what is more sad...that my son looks like a bunch of girls, or that I have no idea who half of these people are! My only comfort is that he looks a little bit like one of my favorite new actors (William Moseley...Love Chronicles of Narnia!)


Jesika Harmon said...

Hey, Will, you are our celebrity and there is only one of you. You are much cuter than all the celebrities whatever "celebrity" means. I just finished shoveling. If you were here, Will, you could have helped me. Love to your mom and dad too. Grandma Phyllis

Bethany said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad you guys have a blog!!! I love it!!! It looks like you guys are doing great, Will is looking older and oh so cute. I love those celebrity things, haha. It's so much fun to keep up with everyone, so yay!