Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Highlights

Yes we are still alive. I know some of you were worried. Our computer has been a little sick lately, so I'm actually writing from our apartment complex's computer room. Unfortunately that means that there will be no pictures with this post. Which is ok, because we didn't actually take many pictures over Christmas break anyway. But here's a quick rundown of some of our (or at least my) favorite activities from our quiet Christmas.

-Putting up our cute little Christmas tree. I think this will be the last year we have our mini tree. We just have way too many ornaments for such a small tree.
-Playing Santa for a widowed sister in our ward
-Finding out that they finally have an apartment we can move into that will be closer to the majority of our ward.
-Going to our ward Christmas party and finding out that Will ran off and visited Santa all by himself without us noticing
-Eating yummy crepes on Christmas Eve morning and Candy Cane Coffee Cake on Christmas morning - and not having to make any of it myself (Thank you Bill!)
-Waking up Christmas morning to see that my cute husband had created a fake fireplace out of our kitchen table, some greenery, a paper fire, our nativity scene, and our stockings.
-Having friends and family over for dinner both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I managed to set off the fire alarm and spill a little hot water on my leg. Not funny at the time, but kinda funny to remember now.
-Going to the temple the weekend after Christmas.
-Being able to stay at the Marriot for $50 - Thank you Priceline.
-Having a semi-successful and quite funny Skype chat with some of my family.
-Spending quality time with my wonderful husband and adorable little boy.

There are quite a few more things that we did, but it's late, I'm tired, and I can't quite remember them all. All in all, it was a really nice break, and we all feel very blessed that we got to spend it together. Hope everyone's Christmas was just as nice.


Sharon said...

What a cute idea! I would never have thought to create a fireplace! Good luck getting your computer working...can't wait for photos!

Phyllis Bestor said...

Kristin, Bill, and Will, It was a tender account of your Christmas because you did so many tender, thoughtful and loving things. Even though we all miss you, you are doing some prize, never-to-be forgotten things because YOU did them!. Someday you will say, "Remember when we did . . . ."

Hessenthalers said...

It sounds like you all had a very eventful and fun-filled break! We hope you are all doing great and we are glad you had a good Christmas!

Jackie said...

Oh I hope you post a picture of the fireplace too! That sounds so fun! Sounds like you had a fun relaxing Christmas! Happy New Year!

Jenna said...

What fun ideas! I'll have to remember those...

That Candy Cane Coffee Cake sounds delicious! Maybe you could post the recipe sometime? (: