Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Day

We stayed home for Christmas this year, and Bobby and Susan were gone visiting her family, so we enjoyed a quiet morning with just our family. After enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate/cider for breakfast we unwrapped presents. We received many wonderful gifts from family members, and Will and Kayla got a number of fun gifts from Santa and others.

Will's remote control truck

Kayla loved (and still loves) her new doll

A while ago Will started asking if he could have his own Book of Mormon to use when we read scriptures as a family, since he reads a verse almost completely by himself each day. So Bill grabbed a couple from the distribution center at the temple and gave one to both Will and Kayla. He even made them extra special by "engraving" (using a puff pen) their names on the front.

Later in the day we invited a few friends over for Christmas dinner. I didn't think to get out the camera while everyone was here, but here's a picture of all the yummy desserts we made.

All in all we had a great Christmas. We missed our families, of course, but enjoyed being together making our own memories and traditions.


M.L.J.C. said...

For real Kristin?! You are a domestic goddess! I can't believe all of the desserts you made! We need to come to your house next year.

phyllis bestor said...

Looks really professional I am impressed