Friday, March 18, 2011

A Child's Perspective

I heard a funny story about Will from a friend of mine yesterday and I thought I'd share, because it's a little glimpse of how his mind works. The other day at preschool Will and a couple of his friends were climbing on something they shouldn't have. Their teacher came over and said "Watch out boys or you might climb so high that you'll be as tall as your moms!" Will looked at her and said "I'm already as tall as my mom." To which his teacher replied "Well I'm sure that if your mom stood up she'd be much taller." At this point my friend said that Will just gave his teacher a blank stare. Apparently it didn't occur to him that Mommy could stand up, because he's never seen me do so. Another recent thought from Will that pops up every once in a while: "When Jesus comes you'll be out of your wheelchair." Love this boy!


M.L.J.C. said...

Love it! It's too fun to look into how their little minds work.

Cameron and Katie said...

What a sweet kiddo. Thanks for posting this.

phyllis bestor said...

Those are the kinds of comments we wuld hear occasionally from your cousins about you in your wheelchair and you yourself said once that you would dance when Jesus comes! Love it!