Saturday, May 11, 2013

A blessing

Sarah Lynn Evans was blessed by her dad on May 5, 2013.  Bill's parents made a last minute decision to come for the blessing, and we were so happy to have them there, as well as Bobby and Susan and their family.  I don't know if writing down part of the blessing is allowed, but I did it anyway so I would remember it years from now.  Sarah was told that she would be a peacemaker in our family.  She was told that she would be found serving those around her, especially her Heavenly Father.  She was told that she will have faith in the Lord and will know that He loves her.  And she was told that one day she will enter the temple and make sacred covenants.  It was a beautiful blessing, and I am so grateful to have a husband who honors his priesthood and can do this wonderful thing for our children.  After church we gathered for lunch at our house, and of course had to have a quick photo shoot.

Meeting Grandpa Evans for the first time (in person, at least)
The proud grandparents
Adorable sisters
The girls
Cousins (minus one)


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Jesika Harmon said...

OH so sweet Kristin! Such beautiful pictures and a darling little girl. Congratulations my cousin!