Sunday, August 18, 2013

6 Months

It's hard to believe half a year has gone by since Sarah joined our family.  She is such a wonderful baby and we are so lucky she is ours. 

Sarah at 6 months:

-After being told by the doctor 2 months ago that her first teeth would probably come in a month or two, one finally decided to show up this last week.
-She loves being in her walker and cruising around the house.  Who knew when we bought the thing 8 years ago that it would get so much use from all 3 kids!
-Can sit up by herself for at least a minute before toppling over.
-Cries and screams when she's by herself or wants something, then gives the biggest smile the minute she sees someone.
-:Loves to babble.  We think her first word will be Dada because she already sounds like she's saying it.
-EVERYONE she meets says that she looks like a little pixie and comments on all her hair.  We think she's one of the most adorable, beautiful babies ever.

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Phyllis Bestor said...

Sheis adorable with lots of personality. . .can't wait to see you all again. . . sooner than later we hope