Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting caught up

I don't have the time or energy to do individual posts for all the pictures I've taken in the last month, so I'm going to do another large post of various activities.  And I apologize to those who have already seen most of these pictures on Facebook.


A while back, Kayla told us that she wanted to get her haircut before school started this year.  After years of dealing with tangled hair and various other issues, we obliged.  I don't know why, but it's always been a big deal when my kids get their first real haircut.  I was that way with Will, and I was again that way with Kayla.  I didn't cry or anything, but it was a bit surreal watching the hairstylist cut off 6 years worth of hair.  But we were all really happy with the results.

Ward 5k:
Our ward has started a tradition recently: doing a ward 5k.  Last year Bill and I participated in it, this year the girls and I were on the sidelines watching Bill and Will.  They both did an awesome job.  Will even won for the Primary-aged boys.  It was a fun morning for all of us.

Will is approaching his final year of Cub Scouts so at this last pack meeting he received his Bear badge, along with one of his best friends.  Bill thoroughly enjoys doing scout things with him, and I am grateful that he is so invested in Will's success.

One thing I really like that they do is they ask the scouts to invite one of their parents to come up and present their awards to them.  It's only fitting that Will chooses his dad every time.

 At this pack meeting, the Cubmaster explained the significance of retiring the American flag.  I thought this was a really cool picture of Will and his friend Adam watching the flag being retired.

First day of school:
After a long, fun-filled summer everyone was looking forward to the return of the school year.  Will is now in 4th grade and Kayla is in 1st grade.  It's hard to believe that Will is more than halfway done with elementary school.  

Sarah wanted in on the photo fun too.  She'll probably be going to preschool next year.

Temple Dedication:
The Indianapolis Indiana Temple was dedicated recently, and we had the opportunity to attend one of the sessions being broadcast at the stake center.  It was especially wonderful because we were able to take Will with us.  We dropped Kayla and Sarah off at our friends' house then headed over.  There was such an amazing feeling throughout the dedication and it was great being there with most of our family, while thinking about the fact that, because of temples, our family will be together forever.    


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Phyllis Bestor said...

I love this summary of important events in your lives and the pictures add so much to your comments. We haven't seen Sarah since she was less than a year old so she is a wonderful grown-up little young lady as well as is Kayla. Of course, Will is my first memory of your children. It is hard to believe, as you said, that he is almost half way through elementary school. Give them all a big hug from us.