Monday, February 8, 2010

Will's Words of Wisdom

Yesterday after church we were waiting to talk to the bishop. While Bill was in talking with him I was sitting in the foyer with Will. We started having a conversation, and some of the things Will was saying were so funny (at least to me) that I had to write them down.

"This is Jesus' chair" - referring to the chair he was sitting on
"The light is his eyes" - He was looking up at the ceiling and he thought some of the lights and tiles looked like a face
"Jesus can eat the church's grapes" - There is a plant next to the chairs that has little green balls that look like grapes
"Daddy needs his scriptures buckled because this is their car" - referring to Bill's scripture case
"Are grandmas dads?"

1 comment:

Phyllis Bestor said...

Precious comments and wonderments about what a child is thinking. A good mother who listens!