Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lots of Love

When I was in high school our seminary had what was called "Love Week," which usually happened the week of Valentine's Day. We would focus on an aspect of love each day of the week. This last week I decided to do something similar with Will. We started the week off with "Love your family day". Will and I made Valentine pockets for each member of the family, and I came up with the idea of having us write love notes to each other during the week. Then we read them aloud to each other on Valentine's Day.

Later that day we went over to Bobby and Susan's house to have FHE with Susan and Alice (Bobby was in California on business). We had dinner together, then we had a great lesson on feelings, played a fun game, and Will and Alice had fun making silly valentines.

The next two days were "Love your grandparents day" and "Love your cousins day". We made and decorated valentines to send to Will's grandparents, great-grandparents, and cousins. One of these days I'm hoping to branch out and make really crafty valentine's.

Two of the days were supposed to be "Love your friends day" and "Love your teachers day" but we only got as far as making heart-shaped cookies for them (which I took a picture of, but the camera wouldn't let me upload it).

Friday and Saturday Bill and I had our Valentine's Day celebration. On Saturday we all went out to dinner together. As we were leaving there was a guy who was cleaning out a machine at the front of the store that you can get toys out of. He let Will pick out a toy for himself and for Kayla. It was a fun little treat for them and we were grateful to him. Also that day I received a special treat from Bill. The young women of our ward were doing a Valentine fund-raiser for girl's camp. I received a balloon, toffee, cake balls, and a poem with a personal note on the back. Here's a picture of all our treasures.

Sunday was probably my favorite day. The fun started the minute I got up. The night before Bill had gone around the house hiding little love notes for me, and I had fun finding them throughout the day (and I'm still finding some). He hid them in places he knew I would find them, like the bathroom mirror, the computer keyboard, and various other places. He also gave me more chocolate and these pretty flowers

Our Valentine's celebration ended with a yummy dinner made by Bill and a cherry cheesecake that I had made the day before.

It was a wonderful week. Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day too!


Phyllis Bestor said...

You make me feel of your great love for your husband and family and everyone in your life! What a neat thing to do more than just on Valentine's Day. What a wonderful message you are sending to your little boy Will who is already a loving child and now will learn that you need to spread your love around.

Jill said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun! Enjoy those little kidlet moments! They coma and go so fast!

Jesika Harmon said...

What a great idea!! Can I copy you next Valentines? And your pie looked delicious! What a fun Valentines!