Monday, September 6, 2010

Just for fun

I love taking pictures of Will and Kayla because I never know what will happen. These four videos have nothing to do with each other, but they're all fun in their own way.

Daddy came up with a new game that Will and Kayla love to play with him. And while I love to watch them, I worry sometimes about Bill's poor knees.

Kayla is becoming quite a dancer. This video shows only a tiny bit of her talent, and of course Will wanted in on the action too.

Will discovered a fun new game. If you stick pieces of paper up to the air conditioning vent they stick. This entertained him for at least a few minutes.

This last video is my favorite. Kayla is definitely a smart little girl. She says a lot of words and understands many things.


M.L.J.C. said...

I love listening to little kiddos try and talk. Such a fun stage! Good Mommying Kristin!

Jesika Harmon said...

So cute! Yes, sometimes I worry about Robbie too when he's doing things that make the kids laugh but physically not too comfortable for him! And crazy, Kayla says more words than Gabe...well, her's are more understandable!!