Sunday, August 29, 2010

Interactive FHE

I'm sure there would be others who would agree with me that having FHE with small children can be an interesting experience. Their attention spans are low, they get distracted easily, and other issues come up. Recently we've started having what I call "interactive FHE." I've noticed that if we involve Will in the lesson as much as possible, he's a little more likely to pay better attention. Here are two of our recent attempts.


Using two big paper bags, some packing tape, a milk carton cut in half, and aluminum foil, I was able to turn Will into a soldier.


I'm sure we've all done this at one point or another. We blindfolded Will, Bill and Kayla made a bunch of noise, and I was a few feet away speaking quietly trying to get Will to come over to me. It was pretty funny by the end, but Will did a great job.

I have yet to come up with more lessons like that, so if anyone has ideas that have worked for them, I'd love suggestions.

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phyllis bestor said...

Yeah! This is what teaching is all about. . . teaching at their level.. . .not at ours. and involving them is the key as you did! Good for you all