Friday, July 22, 2011


We've had requests for more videos of Will and Kayla, so here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Kayla is definitely all girl. She loves to wear dresses and dance to any music that is playing. Part way through the clip she says "I need my slippers." She's currently obsessed with Cinderella and princesses.

Will decided that he and Kayla ought to be in charge of the opening song for FHE recently. "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" is his favorite song.

Will and his friends playing at preschool graduation. I didn't even know this video existed until a couple of days ago, so I'm glad Bill took it.

Will showing off his awesome memorization skills. Our stake president encouraged us to memorize at least the first paragraph of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." Our family took it a bit further and decided to memorize the whole thing. So far we've done 3 paragraphs.

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phyllis bestor said...

Wow! is all we can say, Will and whole family! What a great idea and what a great accomplishment for a 5 year old! Thanks so much for sharing!