Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 7 Days of Valentine's Day: Day 1

I decided to extend our Valentine's Day celebration to a whole week with a number of fun crafts/recipes/activities/etc. So here is our first one:

Please pay no attention to how homemade this is. I'm not a crafty person by any means, but I figured a mailbox that we can put love notes and valentines to each other in would be fun. So my thought is that we put notes in there throughout the week and then open the mailbox and read them on Valentine's Day. I'm predicting that the majority of the notes will be from me and Bill to the kids or me and Bill to each other, but I think it's a fun idea anyway. I'm excited to see what else we come up with throughout the next few days. If any of you have ideas of things you've done in the past, I'm open to suggestions!

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Jesika Harmon said...

Yes cute! Like the idea of putting this up a week before Valentine's day! Foster the love a little longer :)