Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Little Princess

Kayla turned 3 years old on Wednesday. Yesterday she had her birthday party. The theme of the party was princesses. So as you can imagine, there was A LOT of pink involved.

The decorations. Susan kindly offered her services - and her height - to help set things up since Bill wasn't home yet.

The guests. L-R: Emmalyn, Allison, Kayla, Alice, Sophie, Esther. Since this was a princess party some of the girls were dressed up. It was really cute to see them running around in their dresses and crowns that we had them decorate. I think one of my favorite parts of this picture is noticing Emmalyn's crown is backwards. Honorary guests: Will and Justin. Justin's little sister was one of Kayla's guests, so we decided to let Will have a friend there too.

The games. This isn't a very good picture, but we played a couple of games that had a princess twist. One was "hide the slipper" which was a version of "hot or cold", and "castle bean bag toss". You can kind of see the castle in the background.

The gifts. Kayla got a lot of fun gifts this year. Some of her favorites were: fairy wings, princess baby dolls, a princess ball, bubbles, and a purse with all kinds of treasures inside.

The "cake". Originally I wanted to do a cake shaped like a castle, but then I decided that might be a bit much for me to handle. Bill found these cute crown-shaped toppers. And no we didn't get a black candle for the middle. I'm horrible with lighting. That candle has a 3 on it.

This was Kayla's first friend birthday party and I think it was very successful. Although I have to say I'm glad I only have to do this kind of thing a couple of times a year.

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phyllis bestor said...

All your effort will be worth it, Kristin and Bill. Those are the lasting memories of love and caring that children remember. I always had a theme too with our kids' parties. By the way, I never had a birthday party in my life, but no worry. . . . I am a very happy person. Love you all. Kayla is truly a princess wiht her beautiful long hair