Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Update

It's been a while since I've done a family update.  There's been lots of exciting stuff happening lately.

-Potty training - She is about 90% there!  She is doing awesome with most of it, we just need to work on a couple of things.  So proud of her.
-Preschool - Kayla will be going to the same preschool that Will went to starting in a couple of weeks.  It's called Little Maroons and it's run by Child Development classes at a local high school.  Kayla is excited that a couple of her friends will be in the same class.
-Mommy's helper - One of her favorite things to do is sit beside me (and Bill when he's around to help) and help us make dinner.  She especially loves helping to cut things like vegetables and fruit.  She also loves helping with laundry, picking up toys, and making her bed.

-School - Hard to believe we have a child in 1st grade.  One of his best friends is in his class again this year.  The biggest excitement of the new school year is that he gets to ride the bus.  He goes to the bus stop with Bill every morning, which is great for all involved :)  He's a fabulous reader and loves to learn.
-Piano - Will started piano lessons a couple of weeks ago.  His teacher is a friend of mine from the stake.  He doesn't put up too much of a fight with practicing each day, and he's learning things very quickly.
-Swimming - During the summer Will took swimming lessons.  We got lucky and found someone who lives near us who was teaching at the pool in our complex.  So nice not to have to drive him to lessons every week.  He caught on to everything so quickly that even his teacher was a bit surprised at how good he was.

-Research/Teaching - Bill's research continues to progress, albeit a bit slowly.  He still really enjoys his group and his adviser.  I finally got to meet his adviser and the group a few weeks ago and was really impressed.  He definitely lucked out.  He's teaching a class 3 times a week this semester, which is going to be an adjustment for all of us since 2 days a week he has to catch a bus before 7 am.  
-Calling - A few weeks ago he was called as the 11-year-old Scout leader.  So far there is only 1 boy in the troop, but by the beginning of next year he should have 3 or 4 boys.  It's a big responsibility, but I think he's excited to be involved with Scouting again.  And he's gotten Will excited about Scouts too, because Will wants to be just like Daddy.

-Pregnancy - I am almost halfway done with my pregnancy.  We find out next week what the gender of the baby will be, so we're really excited about that.  This pregnancy is a little odd, because I'm not really having any symptoms except extreme exhaustion.  I finally started feeling the baby move this past week, which is always fun.
-Calling - At the moment I have two callings.  I am the Relief Society secretary and also the Relief Society pianist.  They are trying to find someone to replace me with the piano so I can focus on being the secretary.  I love being part of a presidency because I've never been in one before.  The calling itself is a bit more stressful than I was anticipating, because there is lots that I am in charge of, but I enjoy it and I love getting to know the sisters I work with.               

Obviously that's not everything that we've been doing lately, just some of the highlights.  Our life is kind of crazy and stressful at times, but everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying life. 


Phyllis Bestor said...

wonderful urchins and parents as well love your updates.

Jill said...

Sounds like you are all busy and happy! Yea for you guys!