Friday, August 26, 2011

An Update

Lots of things have happened in the last few weeks and months to our family, so here's a quick update


It seems like almost overnight that she's become such a big girl. I am loving having a girl who enjoys being in dresses and playing with princess stuff. If she had her way she would wear a dress every day and watch "Cinderella" 24/7. She loves nursery so much that we end up just following her down the hall at church while she runs. She misses Will now that he's gone all day, but she and I have been having some fun girl time. We go grocery shopping, read books, play outside, anything to make the time without Will go faster. Recently she moved from her crib to the bunk bed with Will, which they both love.

Her next big adventure: potty training! Wish me luck!


Obviously the most exciting thing in Will's life has been starting kindergarten. I asked him what his most favorite and least favorite parts of kindergarten are so far. This is what he said:

Most favorite: Playing with Mr. Potato Head, Mr. Corn and Mr. Carrot and drawing and learning how to write letters and learning how to make things.
Least favorite: Don't like kids pushing me off things on the playground or talking mean.

Hopefully the fact that his list of most favorite things is longer than the least favorite means that kindergarten will be a good experience. So far he's been the "big dog" (aka teacher's helper, snack provider, etc) for a day, learned a few new songs, and made some new friends. We're proud of him and how much he's grown and matured.


On August 20th I participated in my second 5K. Bill and the kids came with me to show support. It was quite a bit different from my first one. First of all, there were WAY too many hills! I was so tired and achy by the time I was done. And unfortunately the hills caused me to be about 2 minutes slower than my previous time. I had been hoping to beat my previous time. Oh well, maybe next race. Bill and I are thinking about training for a race together now.

A couple months ago Bill was able to go with the ward scout troop to Iowa for High Adventure. They went rock climbing, swimming, and had a great time.

And when he's not home with us being an awesome husband and father, this is his life:

He's working hard to get ready for prelims hopefully the end of next month, which unfortunately sometimes mean long hours and late nights, but we're hopeful it'll all be worth it in the end.

And here are some other fun pictures of life at our house.

We role-played Joshua and the Battle of Jericho for FHE one night. Will was Joshua and the rest of us were Israelites.

We were lucky to get some good bikes from a neighbor a few months ago. Kayla is still trying to get the hang of using the pedals, but they still have a great time.

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phyllis bestor said...

Thanks for sharing some fun pictures and fun activities. You are all doing so many good things! Great race, Kristin! Kayla, beautiful princess: Will, happy kindergartner: Bill, hard working daddy! Love and miss you all