Sunday, September 4, 2011

We love grandparents!

Last weekend Bill's parents stopped by for a couple of days on their way to see Bill's sister and her family in Florida. We did our best to pack in as much fun as we could in the time we had. On Saturday evening Bobby and Susan and their family came over and we had dinner at our house.

I think the kids enjoyed having someone to play with other than Mommy and Daddy.

Bill and his dad cooking the ingredients for the yummy fajitas we had

After dinner we headed over to a local park that has sprinkler-type features that they turn on a couple of times a day. It was great because it gave the kids something to do while the adults (or at least the moms - thanks to Bill and Bobby and their dad for watching the kids!) had a chance to sit in the shade and talk.

(sorry for the random picture, Susan!)

On Sunday Bill's parents went to church with us, then we had another yummy dinner, this time at Bobby and Susan's house. After that we let the kids run around and play while we chatted. Sorry, no pictures from this day. It was really sad to say goodbye, but we hope they'll be back again soon.

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