Friday, September 2, 2016

New House - part 1

 As most of you know, we moved into a new house about 4 months ago.  We are loving it!  There is so much more room; the kids can walk to school; we are near friends, a park and a walking path, etc.  We are still unpacking things and getting settled, but it already feels like home and we are so grateful for the people and circumstances that made it possible for us to live here.  Since I can't give everyone the grand tour in person (although we are always up for visitors!), I will post pictures at various times.  Today's pictures are the kitchen and our great backyard.

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Phyllis Bestor said...

Yes! I can only imagine your new lease on life. I remember our first tiny apartment; however, we had no children at the time. Your children can also learn how to work to help keep up the yard and their bedrooms. Thanks for the blog. It is one way of sharing!