Friday, September 9, 2016

New House - Part 2

Today's pictures are the front living room and the front entry.  This is the area of the house that Bill and I love the most, and the area that we made sure got unpacked and put together first before anything else.  We love having two separate living rooms. There's a room in the back of the house (picture coming later) with the TV and computer, which we call the entertainment room.  This front living room is where we do things like FHE, scripture study, home/visiting teaching, etc. 

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Phyllis Bestor said...

Fun to see what you are doing with your new home. I approve. It would be much better to see it in person, however. These beginnings of your first home are good memories. I remember collecting interesting tall weeds in empty lots and using them for arrangements in pots or containers of different kinds. I used to find cat tails in Fall also. Do you know what they are?