Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Child's Imagination

This picture illustrates a tiny bit of Will's imagination lately. In this particular picture he is supposed to be Mickey Mouse from "Fantasia", which is one of his favorite movies these days (I had to call him Mickey for at least an hour tonight). He takes his toys and his stuffed animals and acts things out that he reads and watches. He has an amazing memory, so sometimes this goes on for quite some time. It's really fun to listen in on his conversations while he's in his room playing. He's even gotten me and Bill involved in his imaginary playing. For example, if he does something wrong using one of his stuffed animals, we usually say things like "Kitty, don't hit Kayla," or "Clifford, we don't bang things on the table," and those animals have to go to time-out (i.e. the closet) for a while. What a fun (and sometimes trying) stage this is!

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Cameron and Katie said...

I'm so glad that you get to watch Will do stuff like that. I love listening in on what our girls are imagining. It is one of my favorite things.