Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Six months already?!

Technically Kayla is almost 7 months old, but I'm a little behind. These first set of pictures are from a fun little 6-month birthday party that we threw for a group of kids who were all born within a few days of each other. Kayla is the oldest of the group, born on March 7. Then there's Allison, born on March 10, and both Jason and Daniel were born on March 11. It was fun to get together with friends and have yummy food.

To me, Kayla is saying "Where did everyone go?"

Everyone brought a dessert to this little gathering. Yummy!

The four guests of honor

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Phyllis Bestor said...

Kayla, you are a big girl and so cute. You look like a strong little girl with many more moves ahead of you: crawling; walking and the whole bit. Glad that you have little friends to party with.