Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Day It All Began

Ok, well technically it's the day after. 5 year ago yesterday (May 23) Bill and I had our first date. So tonight we decided to try and re-create that fateful night. Since we no longer live in Provo, we couldn't physically go to the Creamery on Ninth. So we tried to go somewhere similar. We ended up at Steak N' Shake, which is apparently pretty big out here. It's a cute little diner-type place with your typical hamburger and milkshake menu. The food (for me) was so-so, but it was still fun to get out and have some alone time with Bill, remembering that first date. Little did we know on May 23, 2003, that we would be where we are today.


PHYLLIS said...

I love both of you being sentimental. Those keep wonderful memories alive and help to make new ones.

Paul & Sarah said...

Hey, congrats! That's anexciting milestone. I have to say, though, we tried Steak N' Shake a few weeks ago (they're everywhere here, so we figured there has to be something to them) and I was not impressed. What really irritates me is that there are NO Wendy's anywhere in St. Louis! I even Google mapped Wendy's, and I think the nearest one was way off on the Illinois side. I don't get it.
So it was fun to see you guys yesterday! I hope you had a safe trip home!