Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feed the birds

Last night for Family Home Evening we decided to go to Crystal Lake Park, which is just up the street from our apartment. There are a large number of geese there, and we thought it would be fun to feed them.

They were quite enthusiastic, to say the least. (Warning: if you have small children, you should proceed with caution. We wouldn't want to ruin their perception of nice geese)

We had a great time feeding the geese for a few minutes. And then we saw this:


After realizing our mistake, we walked around more of the park and just enjoyed spending time together. Will had a lot of fun throwing sticks and leaves into the lake from the bridge. Here are some random pictures of our fun night.


CARRIE said...

I love to hear Will's voice. It has so much spirit and inflections. You are getting him out into Nature, I see which is also so good for little ones as well as for parents.

PHYLLIS said...

I'm with Carrie getting back to my own password.