Friday, June 20, 2008

A Boy's Best Friend

Call me a deprived child, but when I was growing up I don't remember having a toy or a blanket that I HAD to have with me everywhere. I'm sure my parents or grandparents would disagree, but I just don't remember. That is definitely not the case with Will. He has a very special dog that his Grandpa Evans gave him when he was just a few months old that has become his absolute favorite toy of all time. He carries that thing everywhere, even when he goes to play at other people's houses. We have to be very sneaky or persuasive if we want him to leave "Big Doggy" at home at all. He's even gotten quite possessive of it. I remember one time we were at a family gathering, and another child wanted to play with it, but Will promptly went up to him and grabbed it away, letting the child know "this is my doggy." Let's just hope he won't carry it around with him to his classes at college :-)

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Cameron and Kathryn said...

Celesete has a dog stuffed animal she always wants with her too! She calls it, "puppy," and it goes all over with her, she especially needs it to sleep. Just yesterday I had to convince her that Puppy had to stay in the car while we went into Costco.