Monday, September 1, 2008

Water Fun

On Saturday the Institute of Religion had their opening social at a local water park, so we decided that it would be a fun family activity. At first Will wasn't thrilled with the idea of going swimming, but after we had been there for a while, and he saw that Daddy was going swimming, he decided that he would as well. He ended up having a blast, especially with the little slide in the middle of the pool.

This picture always makes me laugh. Will wouldn't go down the slide by himself, so he was constantly reaching for Bill to help him.

The boys lounging in the pool

Such a cute boy


PHYLLIS said...

Cute water picture. I remember taking your father, Kristin, and his siblings swimming. Great exercise and fun and a cooler in the Utah heat. You are a cutie, Will.

Aubrey said...

Kristin! I heard in Sacrament meeting this Sunday a story about you that was told by President Monson in Conference of '98. It was about you sending your walker to Romania. I was so touched by the story, and then all of a sudden out pops the name Kristin Bestor! I couldn't believe it! What a special story. That's an amazing thing you did, and i had no idea! I wanted to call you but how sad that I don't have your phone number. Anyway it made me so proud to call you my cousin and I realized again how much i miss you guys! Much love from California!