Friday, January 4, 2008

Observations of a mother

I was asked by my grandma, who spent over a year taking care of Will so that I could finish school, to write down things that I have observed Will doing or saying, his likes and disklikes, etc. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the task, but I must admit that I'm glad she gave me that challenge, because I know it'll be a very precious thing for me to look back on someday when he's grown and gone. This is a very incomplete list, but I hope to write more as I think of them.

-Anything having to do with Clifford, or dogs in general
-Playing with his Lego sets
-Reading books with either Mommy or Daddy (favorites: Cat in the Hat, Scamp, The Friend, Clifford stories)
-Singing songs (favorites: ABC song, Popcorn popping, I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus, I Love to See the Temple)
-Playing at the library

-Being in time-out
-Being told it's naptime or bedtime

Funny things he says:
-When watching videos of himself, he gets a huge smile on his face and says, “That is Will!”
-When I go to the doctor for checkups, he says “Mommy going to the hopistal?”
-He calls Walmart the “twinkle-star grocery store”


Jesika Harmon said...

yEAH, kRISTIN,I know that you will love the idea of writing down your observations and your children will someday value it very much. Because I didn't do it more, I don't have those precious things to tell them, but even as adults they still want to know.Already, you have several things that you have written down. I suggested that you have something handy (small notebook) so that when he does say or do something you want to remember, you jot it down at that time. Even though pictures are priceless also, some of these things reveal the real personality of your child. I wish that I were there to hear them. Keep them coming. Love you, Grandma Phyllis

Sharon said...

What a great idea! I should follow your example. How fabulous to have great grandparents!

Mary said...

Hey Kristin! I had a great time reading through your blog today. Sounds like things are going well in Illinois! I wish I was closer to be a recipient of your Christmas treats. You are a great cook! I bet you are so happy to be through with school.